Unionsuits For Layering & Activewear. All-In-One Long Underwear, Loungwear & Activewear

  • Woman On Couch Reading In Black Long Underwear One Piece Unionsuit

    We Modernized The Union Suit

    By design our Modern Union Suit is the ideal base layer for any situation, whether it's wandering off into the deep wilderness or hibernating in your cave during the winter.

  • women showing modern unionsuits back panel

    Fastener Free Long Underwear

    Mod Unions™ are made without any buttons or snaps to undo when you visit the loo. Mod Unions™ fit a variety of body shapes and are incredibly comfortable.

  • Woman doing downward dog in red one piece unionsuit

    Our One Piece Will Never Leave You Exposed When Doing The Downward Dog

    Stretch, hang upside down, jump on a trampoline, swing on a tightrope; the Mod Union™ back panel stays put.

Mod Unions™ Love To Go Camping

woman jumping off tree in mod unionsuit
woman relaxing by river in mod unionsuit
woman on rock in black mod unionsuit

Arrgh. Going To The Restroom In A One Piece Video

If you've ever used the bathroom in a one piece you will relate LOL.

  • "Rosalee is a talented and gifted designer. Her designs are inspirational and beautiful. I love her modern interpretation of classics."

    Jennifer Jardee-Borquist

    "Love love love my Mod Union Suit! This layering one piece is wonderful on so many levels. The fabric is incredibly soft and lightweight - it literally feels like I have secret weapon hug under my other clothes."

    Kathy Oh

    "I LOVE the romper that I purchased from Rosalee. Great design, soft fabric & whimsical print. I get compliments every time I wear it. Great local, woman, mom owned business!"

    Stacey Nuissl

Mod Unionsuits Are Made For Layering

Mod Unionsuits are fab for wearing under your favorite skirt or jeans. We select luscious, sustainably sourced fabrics like bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, soy & modal because for us, this one piece is the perfect union of Feel and Function.

layered dressing in mod unionsuits